Welcome to Connexins 2012

As we approach the beginning of our third year in business, we are excited more than ever!  In the last 2 years, we experienced tremendous growth and established some amazing strategic partners.  We continue to grow and thrive.  We have been truly blessed.

Although quite busy with our client websites, we decided to take time to give some love to our own website.  If you have not noticed, we created a completely new look and feel.  We are not quite done yet; we are still tweaking the design elements and the code.  The new website design signals new trends that we are excited to share with you today. [Read more…]

Initech acquires Connexins for $4.7M

Breaking News!

Australian-based media mogul Initech is pleased to announce that it finalized acquisition of Tucson-based Connexins Web Development LLC.

“For the last year or so, we have been closely monitoring the three most exciting companies on the web today” said a very excited April Loofar, President and CEO of Initech. “Twitter, Facebook, and Connexins have revolutionized the way we use the internet” Ms. Loofar continued. Based on the reputation, potential for growth, and profitability, Initech opted to acquire Connexins instead of acquiring both Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Morgan, the previous owner of Connexins Web Development LLC who started the company in 2010, was not available for comments. Eye witnesses at Tucson International Airport report that Dr. Morgan was last seen at luggage check-in. “He was very ecstatic” one traveler mentioned, who also told us that Dr. Morgan was traveling with his lovely girlfriend to Hawaii.

We have a mobile website!

For quite some time now, I have been searching for a platform I liked to build mobile websites.

We are pleased to announce the search is over!

Naturally, we used ourselves as the guinea pigs, i.e. we have a mobile website! Check out the screenshot below (click on it to enlarge). To visit the live version, visit http://connexins.mobi with your mobile device.

A screenshot of the Connexins.mobi mobile website While this platform integrates with WordPress, it will not automatically format the existing WordPress website into a mobile website. The mobile website pages are built from scratch.

We like this for at least 2 great reasons:

1. It’s completely flexible and allows custom cascading style sheet (CSS) code (which, of course, I love).

Why would you care? Because custom CSS allows for custom designs, so I will be able to code the exact look and feel you’re after.

2. Creating mobile pages from scratch challenges us to design a website tailored to the specific needs of a mobile user.

Most people use mobile browsers differently than their computers’. Personally, I am typically looking for different kind of information (and different packaging of the info) on my mobile browser than on my computer. As such, mobile website design and content should be different than desktop websites.

We now offer “mobile websites” as a service to our clients. To learn more, please visit our services page.

Questions or Comments? Or are you interested in building a mobile website? Let me know!

Thank You!

As our company continues to grow, we have a lot to be grateful for this year!

The most important reason we have been successful thus far, of course, is you… yes you, who is reading this blog post! 🙂 We are truly grateful for the amazing experiences and conversations we have had these past few months with our clients, friends, and blog readers! We look forward to continuing to serve you in the months and years ahead.

We hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend.

Leaving on a jet plane…

Just a quick note: I will be out of the country from Sunday, November 14 to Monday, November 22nd, 2010. However, I will have full access to my email. So if there is anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to email me and I will get back to you very shortly.

Why we get excited about writing website proposals

If you ask any web developer about their least favorite aspect of their job, chances are they will say “writing the website proposal”.

Writing a website proposal is not particularly exciting for a web designer/developer, primarily because proposals are full of words about the design and the development, so it is often perceived as a tedious exercise.

Initially, I shared the perception about website proposals as most web designers/developers. Recently, however, writing proposals has been a lot of fun for me.

So what changed?

My change of heart toward writing proposals likely stemmed from my philosophy of my role as a web developer.

More like a partner

As a website designer/developer, I think of myself as a partner to my client in his/her business. I spend quite a bit of time researching the industry and the needs of the target audience, which subsequently guides the design and layout of the website.

In addition to being elegant and user-friendly, I strive to create designs that communicate the messages that need to reach the target audience of the website. In so doing, the website would complement and enhance my clients’ business efforts and help them achieve their business goals.

Putting all this together in proposal format is exciting, because the website proposal represents a realistic and solid plan to realize the vision of my clients and help them accomplish their business goals – and that would make me happy as their (temporary) business partner.

Now, it’s your turn

When you need a website for your business, are you looking for someone to design and develop your website or someone more like a business partner, whose goal is to help you accomplish your business goals?

We look forward to becoming your partner in your next website project. Contact us today for a free no-obligation website consultation!

Why we like WordPress for our clients

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that has recently been gaining popularity.

Although most people use WordPress as a blogging platform, we create professional, powerful, and elegant websites with WordPress. For example, this website (Connexins.com) was built using WordPress.

WordPress features many incredible benefits that we will highlight in future posts, but the top two benefits for our clients are:

1. Plugins

Plugins allow a WordPress website owner to integrate solutions that range in function from avoiding spam, to installing an email contact form, to enhancing search engine optimization (SEO).

Although these functions can be developed by scripts that we can code manually, it would take more time than installing and customizing WordPress plugins with equivalent functionality. This would translate into much less cost for our clients. We like to be efficient and save money for our clients.

Most plugins are simple to install and integrate, so a client may not even need the help of a web developer, but as WordPress-experienced web developer, we help our clients customize and integrate any plugin to their WordPress website.

2. Easy to Manage and Maintain

WordPress comes with with a powerful user-friendly admin dashboard, which allows a website owner to add new and/or edit the existing content of website pages.

That way, if a client needs to make simple changes, such as an modify an address, change a phone number, add sentences, or fix a grammatical error, he/she can make these corrections easily.

Do you have a WordPress website?

For many reasons, including the two we listed above, we think you should!

If you need help setting up your website with WordPress, help with installing/customizing Plugins, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to the Connexins Blog

Hello there and welcome to our brand new design for the Connexins Web Development website (view the old website).

One of the additions to the new website is this brand new blog!

In this blog, we will regularly post information, articles, and tips to help you enhance your website, increase your website reach, and help you to accomplish your objectives from your website.

Thank you for visiting our blog today, and please stay tuned for some great information coming soon.