The “Read More” tag

The WordPress blog page typically shows your most recent 5 or 10 blog posts. This page displays each post in its entirety, which:

  • makes your blog page seem too long
  • may not look too good to have so much text in one page
  • makes it difficult for your readers to browse through your recent posts

Here, we will show you how to use the “Read More” tag to display the first few sentences of each post, followed by a “Read More” link pointing to the page that contains the entire post.

It’s actually really simple and you can do it right from your WordPress post editor. Here are the steps:

  1. Click “Add New” under “Posts”
  2. Enter your post title and write your content
  3. Place the mouse/cursor wherever you want to truncate your content
  4. Click the “Read More” button (shown in image below)
  5. (or if you like shortcuts, click Alt+Shift+T)
  6. Publish or Update your post
  7. That’s it!

Here is a screen shot of the WordPress post editor to show you what the “read more” buttons look like boxed in orange in both Visual and in html modes:

click on image to enlarge

Questions? Please let me know

Why we like WordPress for our clients

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that has recently been gaining popularity.

Although most people use WordPress as a blogging platform, we create professional, powerful, and elegant websites with WordPress. For example, this website ( was built using WordPress.

WordPress features many incredible benefits that we will highlight in future posts, but the top two benefits for our clients are:

1. Plugins

Plugins allow a WordPress website owner to integrate solutions that range in function from avoiding spam, to installing an email contact form, to enhancing search engine optimization (SEO).

Although these functions can be developed by scripts that we can code manually, it would take more time than installing and customizing WordPress plugins with equivalent functionality. This would translate into much less cost for our clients. We like to be efficient and save money for our clients.

Most plugins are simple to install and integrate, so a client may not even need the help of a web developer, but as WordPress-experienced web developer, we help our clients customize and integrate any plugin to their WordPress website.

2. Easy to Manage and Maintain

WordPress comes with with a powerful user-friendly admin dashboard, which allows a website owner to add new and/or edit the existing content of website pages.

That way, if a client needs to make simple changes, such as an modify an address, change a phone number, add sentences, or fix a grammatical error, he/she can make these corrections easily.

Do you have a WordPress website?

For many reasons, including the two we listed above, we think you should!

If you need help setting up your website with WordPress, help with installing/customizing Plugins, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to the Connexins Blog

Hello there and welcome to our brand new design for the Connexins Web Development website (view the old website).

One of the additions to the new website is this brand new blog!

In this blog, we will regularly post information, articles, and tips to help you enhance your website, increase your website reach, and help you to accomplish your objectives from your website.

Thank you for visiting our blog today, and please stay tuned for some great information coming soon.